Monday, February 10, 2020

Effective teaching methodologies that reflect the need of the Dissertation

Effective teaching methodologies that reflect the need of the learner,what are the particular constraints in the classroom,is th - Dissertation Example Educators and linguistics professionals identify that the current teaching methodologies provide enough support and motivation to enrich English as a second language. Different teaching methods like direct, grammar-translation, audio-lingual and interactive methods satisfy the needs of the learner to an extent. Learners get opportunity to develop critical thinking, effective learner feedback, and interactive session. Analysing the current status of ESL program, we can easily comprehend the fact that some developments are needed in the field of curriculum preparation, overcrowded class rooms, and active learner involvement for satisfying learner requirements. Emergence of modern technology paved the way for the formation of digitalization and other well equipped classrooms and it helps tea teachers and language instructors to prepare curriculum and the design of instructional materials. Implementation of various methods in ESL classrooms creates problems in creating active learner par ticipation. This dissertation is an attempt to find out different methods and strategies for teaching English effectively in ESL settings. The research is based on effect of various methods and approaches already implemented in ESL classrooms. ... The researcher expects that the study helps to understand various problems and areas that need changes or developments for getting structured outcome in the field of second language learning. †¢ Background of the Problem The study seeks mainly the effectiveness of various teaching methods and approaches among the ESL classrooms. As a part of general education, teaching English as second language is subjected to frequent changes. Learner requirements in the field of ESL classrooms show some noteworthy signs of changes. So the study has its significance in current status of learning English as second language. Changing of teaching methods and approaches sometimes act as barriers in the way acquiring English as L2. Investigate the effectiveness of methods and approaches in ESL class room offers new insight in establishing structured developments and improvisation in second language acquisition. Even though emergence of modern technologies and developments provide maximum exposure f or learners, some areas like, structured curriculum and fulfilment of learner requirements needs further researches. †¢ Statement of the Problem The study explores current status of teaching methods and approaches practiced in ESL classrooms. The research investigates the effectiveness of various methods and approaches and how these methods satisfy the learner requirements. It also discusses various problems that affect ESL classrooms. So the study entitled Effective teaching methodologies that reflect the need of the learner, is the current teaching approaches equipped to effectively teach English as an L2? †¢ 2. Literature Review (1) Methods of teaching /learning Methods of teaching/learning

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